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Experienced Tactician - Can Do Attitude

Posted by Hooray! 
Experienced Tactician - Can Do Attitude
February 26, 2011 09:16AM
Experienced tactician, (back up skipper), foredeck, general crew throwing a Hail Mary pass in case a skipper out there wants to bring in some fresh talent to help their island campaign! I'm a 47 year old athletic marine engineer (BSEE) with an "if you dont shoot, you dont score attitude"; experienced racing tactician, crew (many roles) aboard J/24s, E/26s, IODs up to a classic Alden 44; general and marine engineering experience on yachts up to 120'+; thrive on challenges, have no plans to be in the islands but what the heck, sounds fun! Background for this post, I'm in the process of a complete refit of Hooray, a 1982 J/24 (#3335); the boat is named after my wife's successful battle with breast cancer, "Hooray!" was her way of putting life ahead of herself, cancer behind and not looking back and is now on her car's license plate, she is an inspiration : ) Quantum, Harken and Hall have generously sponsored Hooray's refit and I was googling Rolex to contact them about some sort of sponsorship role when this message board caught my eye (sorry for the long story). So here we are, putting this out there to the universe, maybe it will get picked up, if anyone is in NH, look us up and we can go out for a spin!

Good luck to all and enjoy the races... yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, TODAY is the gift!

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